A Message from Orange Schools Foundation Board of Trustees.

We are saddened and angry about the horrific death of George Floyd — an action that is tragically all too familiar and common. While we are individually looking inward and identifying ways to make a difference, please know that Orange Schools Foundation unequivocally stands in solidarity with every member of our community who has been affected by the events of the last few days, and, in particular, members of our African-American community who may be feeling the impact of these events most personally.

Our organization has always tried to be inclusive and supportive. However, during these times we recognize that we ought to do more. We commit to work independently, and in conjunction with the Orange Schools, to ensure that we continue to be an organization that stands in support of all students, to identify strategies and programs that support Orange Schools’ black students, and to educate students on how to make long-term impacts and effect change.

Standing Together in Solidarity,

Orange Schools Foundation Board of Trustees


What We Do

Orange School Foundation is one of nearly 5,000 education foundations across the country that provides a source of revenue generation to their respective school districts. As a nonprofit, qualified charitable organization, it is our goal to assist in decreasing the funding gap needed to support infrastructure, programming and curriculum that enables our students to be ready in an increasingly competitive, global world.

How We Do It

Each year we underwrite grants submitted by teachers and staff for initiatives that inspire creativity and exploration about our students. Funding is provided to all district schools, departments and partner organizations. Money is raised through corporate partners, monetary gifts, and community fundraising that are placed in either unrestricted or restricted funds.

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