Your Money At Work

The best part of what we do is giving away money. Whether it’s awarding annual scholarships from designated funds or underwriting grants submitted by teachers and staff, the foundation plays an important role in augmenting, supplementing and complementing projects that add to the learning value of our students.


The foundation underwrites grants for programs and projects that are considered innovative, out of the ordinary and out of budget. It also funds technological and aesthetic enhancements, and special academic, artistic and athletic opportunities for students that would not otherwise be available. Grant requests can be submitted by any staff member or teacher within the school district. To learn more about the process, go to our grants page.

During the 2018-2019 school year, we donated over $26,000 to support grant requests that underwrote initiatives including:

  • MHS Site Based Professional Learning Lab Classroom
  • Playground Math Stencils
  • Learning Language for Literacy Development
  • Makerspace in Preschool
  • Girls in Stem Fab Institutes
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Live streaming announcements
  • Alleviating Discomfiture

Submitting A Grant Application

Do you have an idea about a program or a project that you think would energize students and push them to think or learn differently? If you are a member of the community and have an initiative that you would like to be considered, partner with a teacher or staff, who will sign and submit the grant application. Grant requests for standard computers, standard classroom/building equipment or ongoing annual program needs are not generally approved. Grants can be submitted by any employee of Orange City School District and New Directions. Typically, submissions are due each January, however the foundation may review grants requests ad hoc due to special timeline/initiative requirements.

For more information, contact one of the Staff Trustees listed below.

Grant Request Form – PDF
Grant Request Form – Google Docs
Grant Request Form – Online Grant Application


In addition to managing the distribution of unrestricted funds, we work with individuals, companies and family foundations to establish restricted funds that are used for designated giving and scholarships. Currently, we manage 28 designated funds, many of which have been established in honor or memory of someone. Many of the named funds have been established as scholarships that are awarded usually to seniors who demonstrate excellence and fulfillment of fund’s criteria.

Starting A Fund

Individuals or family foundations can establish a designated fund at any time with a minimum contribution of $2,000. Click on the button below for a downloadable PDF describing the requirements for establishing a designated fund.

Additionally, donations can be made to any existing fund.  Want to learn more?

Designated Fund Information

Contribute To An Existing Fund

We welcome contributions to existing funds. After you review the list of funds, if there is fund that supports a personal interest of yours, please contact Jennifer Cork at or call the foundation’s office at 216-831-8600 ext. 5001.