The Work of Education Foundations

Orange School Foundation is one of nearly 5,000 education foundations across the country that provides a source of revenue generation to their respective school districts. It is our goal to assist in decreasing the funding gap needed to support infrastructure, programming and a curriculum that enables our students to be ready in an increasingly competitive, global world.

As a nonprofit, qualified charitable organization, our role is to raise, handle and redirect money to Orange City School District that augments, supplements or complements programs and activities provided to our students.

We generate donations through several fundraising initiatives, including Wild for Orange, which can be acquired as unrestricted (the foundation board decides how to use them) or restricted (the donor specifies the way he/she wants the funds to be used) funds.


With the new big screen and Gopro, students no longer huddle around the fume hood to see the beaker

Your Money At Work


The foundation underwrites grants for programs and projects that are considered innovative, out of the ordinary and out of budget. It also funds technological and aesthetic enhancements, and special academic, artistic and athletic opportunities for students that would not otherwise be available. Over the past several years, we have received on average 15 grant requests annually totaling $40,000 to $50,000. Grant requests can be submitted by any staff member or teacher within the school district.

During the 2015-2016 school year, we donated over $34,000 to support grant requests that underwrote initiatives including:

  • Funded elementary school teachers to attend Guided Math and Columbia Writing Instruction workshops. Trained teachers established train-the-trainer programs to share workshop learnings throughout the school.
  • Purchased cubelet sets for 7th grade science classes, allowing students to explore engineering and design principles, design robotic solutions, and innovate to solve problems.
  • Provided funds for Stagecrafters to launch Broadway Buddies, an adaptive musical theatre program designed to showcase students ages 5 through 12 with special needs.
  • Supported the development of Girls’ Engagement and Mentorship (GEMS) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), a leadership club for female high school students interested in STEM. The highlight of the program is the opportunity to work alongside limnology graduate students and professors at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Lake Erie.
Designated Funds

The foundation manages restricted funds that can be established “in honor of” or “in memory of” individuals, or can be awarded as scholarships to students – usually seniors – who demonstrate excellence and fulfillment of fund’s criteria. Individuals or family foundations can establish a Designated Fund at any time with a minimum contribution of $2,000. Additionally, donations can be made to any existing fund.

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Personalized Paver Bricks

Orange Schools Foundation sells custom engraved bricks that are installed at the Orange High School stadium entrance plaza. With two size options, these bricks are a great way to honor a student, teacher, parent or family. Future generations will recognize and appreciate the tradition you help to create. Bricks can be purchased all year round and are ideal gifts for birthdays, reunions, achievements, honorariums, retirements, teach gifts, memorials and family legacies.

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