Have you ever had an idea about a program or a project that you know would energize your students and push them to think or learn differently, but wondered how it would be covered by the school budget?  Did you hear about a course that you and your colleagues could benefit from, a new way of teaching or learning that you know would make your classroom and our school a better place, but didn’t present it to the principal because you thought funding would be a challenge? Orange Schools Foundation can turn these ideas into reality.

We help expand classroom discovery and instruction at all grade levels through grants awarded to teachers and district staff for projects and programs that may not otherwise be funded. Last year’s grants helped turn the following ideas into reality:

  • At Orange High School, female students interested in STEM are able to participate in a leadership club that partners with limnology graduate students and professors at Ohio State University’s Stone Lab on Lake Erie.
  • Seventh grade science classes use cubelets so students can explore engineering and design principles, design robotic solutions and innovate to solve problems.
  • Youth ages 5 through 12 who have special needs can shine on stage through an adaptive musical theatre program at Orange Recreation.

Grant Requirements

Grants can be submitted by any employee of Orange City School District and New Directions. If you are a member of the community and have an initiative that you would like to be considered, you must have a teacher or staff sign and submit the grant. Grant requests for standard computers, standard classroom/building equipment or ongoing annual program needs are not generally approved.

How To Apply

  1. Access the application from your Orange City School District account using this link or download the form below.
  2. Make a copy of the application and complete the requested information.
  3. Share the document with the appropriate grant committee representative(s) (see below) and your principal/director and Jennette Kane if the grant involves technology.

Questions should be directed to the following members of the Grant Committee:

Brady Jim DeYoung x3231
Early Childhood Preschool Davinna Cohen-Frey x5632
Inclusive Preschool Davinna Cohen-Frey x5632
Moreland Hills Casey Kilkenney x4241
Moreland Hills Maggie Sprinkle x4120
New Directions Mark Jones x2265
OCER Davinna Cohen-Frey x5632
Orange High Mark Jones x2265

Schedule for Submissions

Fall Submission: November 30, 2018                 Spring Submission: February 28, 2019

The foundation may review grants submitted ad hoc due to special timeline/initiative requirements.

Downloadable Forms


This document contains instructions for submitting grant requests.


This document is 2018-2019 grant application.