Chemistry Learning Goes High Tech

How A TV And GoPro Camera Changed Learning

We recently caught up with Jon Rice, Orange High School chemistry teacher, to talk about the grant he submitted for technology to enhance the learning of his chemistry students.

Q: What did you request for in your grant proposal?
A: big screen television, Apple TV and GoPro camera.

Q: How did you envision this equipment would assist in promoting innovative student learning in your classroom?
A: We had an issue using our Fume Hood in chemistry presentations. It is a protective place where we can watch and learn through chemical demonstrations that can’t be done safely in an open classroom. When doing these demonstrations, the students would stand in front of the Fume Hood three to four people deep, and they all could not see what was going on in the demonstration.

Q: Did this new equipment that Orange Schools Foundation funded solve the problem?
A: Yes. By using the GoPro Camera, we can now project on the big screen television what is happening during the demonstration. This maximizes the learning of the students as well as provide the capability of preserving the demonstration on video for future classroom use.

Q: Have you been able to do that, use the videos for future classroom lessons?
A: Yes. In fact, last year I had a couple of students for senior project help develop some lab session videos. This is where the Apple TV comes into play. We videotaped some lab lessons so, during class, we could play the videos on the big screen television in order to familiarize the students on what to expect prior to doing their lab lessons. This helped alleviate some of the uncertainty and anxiety students had prior to lab lessons when they used to only have written instructions to follow.

Q: Overall, how would you describe the process of applying for your grant?
A: The process was easy and the benefits were great.

Just another example of how the Orange Schools Foundation has helped promote and fund the innovated learning process at Orange City School District.  For more information on the grant process, click here.